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Our lawyers have experience of working with specialist teams from various business sectors to provide accurate legal representation to our clients in Arbitration’s and regulatory matters. Our emphasis is to align the cost benefit ratio while bringing resolution for our clients. We have worked on financial and investment disputes before courts and arbitral tribunals. We regularly work with lawyers in other jurisdictions to provide a comprehensive cross border strategy for their disputes. A large part of our clientele comprises of large multinational corporations, leading to domestic corporate houses and , international financial institutions and funds. In addition, we advise clients on statutory and regulatory inquiries, as well as criminal proceedings arising out of intellectual property offences. Since a large part of our clientele consists of large multinational corporations, we regularly deal with inquiries and disputes spread across various jurisdictions. Our lawyers are specially trained to identify and deal with the sensitivities involved in statutory/regulatory inquiries and civil and criminal proceedings arising out of intellectual property offences. Our promptness and personal investment in our Client’s matters have earned us our Client’s trust.

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