We are on the lookout for bright and talented lawyers with an interest in building a career in any one of the many practice areas of the firm. We offer an environment in which analytical thinking and result oriented research is encouraged and rewarded. We also provide transparent and consistent opportunities for growth in a culture of mutual respect.

We also encourage graduates and lawyers at all levels of seniority to work with us and advance their career.

A. Personal Information:

B. Academic Record:

ii. Briefly describe the highlights of your academic record at School and Law School including in particular any excellence achieved in performance at any time.

[Note: In case you have secured any scholarship, medals or awards, please mention the same]

C. Internship Details:

[Note: Please provide details of past internship experience along with the kind of work carried out by you]

i. Have you done any internship in a foreign law firm? If yes, please provide the names of the firms &describe your experience.

ii. Do you desire to intern in any specialized area of legal practice or would you prefer to be an all-rounder in a variety of practice areas?

D. Miscellaneous questions:

i. What have you learnt from your studies and extra-curricularactivities that can be applied to a career in the law, and especially inthe environment of Royzz & Co.?

ii. Mention your strengths and weaknesses?

[Note: Please provide the information in bullet points]

iii. What is your long term career goal?

iv. What area of law most interests you?

v. What are your views about pursuing a non-legal career (for example NGO, business, MBA etc.) or a career in academics/research etc.?

vi. Did you apply to foreign universities for your undergraduate studies? If so, where did you apply and why did you not pursue that option?

vii. Do you have any further plans at any time after completion of your LLB to go abroad for higher studies? (Yes / No)