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ROYZZ & CO. is a full service law firm. Our team consists of dynamic and curious minded tech-savvy engineers and lawyers who excel at marrying the unconventional creative and scientific temperament with fast-paced business needs. We strive to constantly modernize our knowledge and give our clients relevant advice and subsequently succeed in unprecedented and challenging cases.


Our accomplished lawyers & engineers are from multidisciplinary practice areas. We are thus, able to provide comprehensive solutions to all national and international businesses.



Legal updates around COVID-19

The personal and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are wide-ranging and create significant social, legal and commercial challenges. To help our clients and the wider public navigate the impact of these unprecedented times, we provide constant updates and expert advice on legal implications of COVID-19.

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I have been a client of ROYZZ & Co for a considerable amount of time. I have found their services satisfactory. They are co-operative, helpful and easily accessible. Mrs. Mahua Roy Chowdhury, the Partner, has particularly been extremely helpful and friendly.