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Intellectual Property

We have a strong intellectual property practice consisting of lawyers, engineers, and patent agents. We are well equipped to steer matters in Copyright, Trademark, Design, Geographical Indication, and Patenting. We take each of this Intellectual Property from its nascent stage of ideating and advising, filing, compliances and successfully resolving contentious matters.

We specialize in IP Valuation and have a passion to educate Indian Businesses regarding IP Valuation, its monetization, and the intangible property and the value they hold in their hands.

We structure, conduct due diligence, and acquire IPs for MNC’s and advise on bundling of rights, licensing, assignment for Indian and cross-border transactions. We have successfully prevailed on complex copyright and trademark infringement matters and steered unprecedented judgments in our Client’s favor.

We actively contribute by research and suggestions to the requisite offices when new legislation is being passed. In view of the fast-moving IP atmosphere with the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’ projects sphere headed by the PMO office, we work with Universities and Government bodies to facilitate the same.

Our team has conducted more than 500 anti-counterfeiting raids and successfully acted as a deterrent for our Client’s IP. As China looks is looking to change the way to secure intellectual property rights are treated in their country, as it is evolving from the world’s bootleg hub to the top patent owner. The new e-commerce law looks to rid online sales platforms of fake goods and clean up the country’s reputation as a major source of knock-off merchandise and provides a formal framework for the notice-and-take-down procedures that already exist on most e-commerce platforms. This will change the way anti-counterfeiting is tended to on the world stage., our team has conducted more than 500 anti-counterfeiting raids and successfully acted as a deterrent for our Client’s.

• Copyright

• Trademark

• Design

• Geographical Indication

• Patent

• Anti-counterfeiting

• IP Valuation

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