It & tmt

Our team prides itself in being tech-savvy lawyers and being guardians of creativity, innovation and thought put into action. Living in times where technology reigns and is moving faster than we can comprehend, we as IT and TMT lawyers have to be a few steps ahead of our Client. We advise on the legalities surrounding cyberlawscyber laws, intellectual property, media, broadcasting but also advise on the business climate and the next steps to optimize their efforts. We draft Master Licensing Agreements, Production Service Agreement, Master Service Agreement of Production, Transmission Access Agreements amongst others, Celebrity Endorsement Agreements amongst others;

We have advised DTH Companies, ISP providers and their rights, Media Agencies, IT transaction disputes, Semiconductor manufacturers. We advise on Technological transfers, advising on complex issues related to interplay of copyright and technology including analyzing software infringement; content licensing (TVOD and SVOD rights), content license based on pay per view (PPV) and Push VOD, conducting IP & IT Audit;We have successfully prevailed on disputes regarding software infringement, IP security issues &cyber crimecybercrime, SMS rights amongst others.

IT & TMT practiceheavilypractice heavily depends on research & development (R&D), the value of patents and other intellectual property protections whichcauserapid company growth. Our team is well equipped adept to handle the technical and legal tangles of this practice.

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