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Mahua Roy Chowdhury








MAHUA ROY CHOWDHURY is the founder and Principal Partner of ROYZZ & CO. and has more than 20 years of experience in the legal industry.

She started her career as a litigator at the Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. She has proactively initiated several landmark Public Interest Litigations against the Indian army, Delhi Police, and Delhi Municipal Commission. She has also represented the Faculty of Law, Delhi University before the High Court.

Mahua has successfully litigated matters relating to employment laws, decisions of Government bodies, information technology, extradition, intellectual property rights, and their infringement at various courts in India. Further, she has resolved several complex software-infringement-related disputes and contractual disputes such as joint ventures, licensing, media content creation, etc.

Despite being a litigator, Mahua strongly believes in resolving disputes and adopting litigation as the last resort.
She has hands-on experience in anti-counterfeiting actions and has executed more than 450 Intellectual Property enforcement raids all over India with help of the Police and investigations agencies.

She represents numerous Indian and International clients, premier engineering institutes, and universities. She has also been a part of many cross-border licensing and technology transfer agreements and resolved several disputes therein.

Mahua has been a speaker/moderator at several conferences and workshops and conducted lectures in:

  • IBA Annual Conference at Boston on IT & Privacy Laws;

  • INTA ComparativeTrademark law;

  • Law Faculty-Delhi University on Legal Skills;

  • IIT Mumbai-Inter-relation between Copyright & Designs;

  • Faculty of Management Studies IP University-IP Management;

  • Pierce Law(USA)-Adwords and Trademark Infringement;

  • Cyber Security Conference-Privacy & GDPR;

  • IIPLA Dubai-Valuation of IP & IP Management;

  • MNLU-IP regime & challenges faced.


  • LL.M Franklin Pierce (IP);

  • LL.B-Delhi University;

  • Graduate in Food Technology;

  • Diploma in Labour Law;

  • Diploma in IRPM.

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