Webinar: What Are Patents? A basic guide to Patent Law.


ROYZZ & CO is conducting an educational webinar exclusively for students on ‘What are Patents?’ A basic guide to Patent Law, Practice & Procedures.  The sessions will be spread out in different levels viz Level 001, 002 etc.  

Patent law, including its drafting and procedure is a specialised subject and cannot be taught in a general Intellectual Property (IP) subject in colleges. Unfortunately, there are not many institutes available who brings in experts from the field to educate in this field.

We at ROYZZ & Co take pride that we have so far trained many engineers, freshers, including IP professionals in patents drafting and  procedures.

We also believe that whether you are a science student or not, fundamentals of patents should be known by all legal practitioners, engineers and science graduates. Whether you aspire to be a litigator or a corporate transactional lawyer, you need to know the basics of patent law. If you are a engineering or science student, you should be able to value innovation and know what is patentable and what is not.

ROYZZ & CO and its leaders are propagating IP and its education, whether by extending scholarship for LLM in IP (UNH) or by conducting workshops for a long time. During this Lockdown period, we would like students to utilise their time constructively and thus in our endeavour to contribute socially we are beginning our series of webinars on Patent Law, Practice & Procedures. In our Level 001, we will begin with the basics of Patent law as under: 

Topic: What are Patents? A basic guide to Patent Law
Date: May 12, 2020 
Day: Tuesday
Time: 5:30pm

By : Mahua Roy Chowdhury  &  Samendra Patil


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