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In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, businesses are face numerous compliance and other regulatory challenges, irrespective of size and sector. Legal advise at every stage is indispensable. While larger companies often retain in-house counsel, smaller companies do not have this luxury. Larger companies, too, are now finding value in employing external counsel based on need, as engaging a law firm full-time or retaining in-house counsel can sometimes be expensive.

TCP provides an alternative to this in the form of an outside General Counsel. We provide Corporate Counsel services involving, but not limited to negotiating, drafting, and reviewing contracts, handling employment and immigration matters, managing corporate governance, risk management policies and procedure, privacy and data security. The role of the GC can be optimized to closely resemble that of a full-time counsel, including having an extension on your phone system, an email address on your internal email system, or membership in your management team.

The GC will handle day-to-day legal matters based on demand, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time in-house General Counsel or engaging a law firm, and will have the support of other lawyers at TLC for specific expertise. With previous experience as an in-houseCounsel and deep knowledge and experience in corporate matters, the GC will be in a position to competently and swiftly meet the needs of your company.

Our Services

Corporate Governance

Contracts and Licenses – Negotiations, Review and Drafting:

TLC’s lawyers have considerable experience assisting entities in their formation and initial filings. The GC will aid you in ensuring all your documentation is in order, is filed correctly and on time, and do period checks on pending fees or other dues, provide assistance in intellectual property or advice on IP strategy, etc. We will also assist in the review and implementation of corporate governance policies, and preparation of board resolutions.

Our lawyers have prior experience drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts for the full range of transactions that businesses indulge in, including employee contracts, software/technology licenses, confidentiality agreements, sales and vendor contracts, marketing agreements, intellectual property and licensing agreements, professional services
agreement, start-up financing agreements, real estate and equipment leasing agreements. We also have experience litigating breaches of contract, and are in a position to assess the needs of your company and determine the best course of action to protect the interests of your company.

Employment and immigration matters

With growing focus on labour and employment compliance in many parts of the world, companies will have to focus attention on meeting these requirements within their organizations so as not to be affected detrimentally while engaging in business not only within India, but also with companies based abroad. These include POSH laws, modern slavery laws, visa and immigration requirements, labour and employment regulations, among
others. TLC will not only ensure compliance with domestic laws, it will also facilitate compliance with international regulations through foreign lawyers, based on need. We will also assist in employee review and termination as required.

Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance not only relates to labour and employment, but also other aspects of various stages of running a company. Given the vast experience of our lawyers as Corporate Counsels, TLC will be in a position to assess risk based on your company’s industry, and your business’ operations and implement compliance programs effectively. From foreign direct investment and privacy and data security to environmental regulations, TLC will help your company prevent losses as a result of compliance failures.

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