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CCI eases rule on pleadings

The Competition Commission of India has relaxed its rules on filing pleadings, no longer insisting that the managing director or a director sign pleadings before it. Any authorized employee of the business can now sign pleadings. This is in addition to existing mode of pleading by the managing director, or in his absence, by a director authorized by the board of directors. This is applicable not only to companies, but other legal entities such as partnerships and limited liability partnerships. The authorized representative of the business must be an employee of that entity and not a professional, such as its counsel. The documents before the CCI should also include a copy of the authorization given to the employee to endorse the pleadings. The CCI will also continue to accept electronic filings relating to anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominance and regulation of mergers and acquisitions till 31st July, 2021. By 31st July, hard copies of elctronic filings made until then must also be submitted.

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