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ISRO’s Patent on Temperature regulating Suit

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has received a grant for its patent application no. 201641004369 titled ‘A LIQUID COOLING AND HEATING GARMENT’ on June 19, 2020. As the title suggests the patent relates to a garment equipped with means to regulate the temperature. The inventors for this patent are Srirangam Siripothu, Reshmi Balachandran, Saraswathi Kesava Pillai Manu, and Gurumurthy Chandrasekaran. The garment is fabricated with a biocompatible material coated with an antimicrobial agent and it also consists of different part to provide a comfortable temperature inside the suit, said parts also aids in removal of sweat. Apart from being used by astronauts this garment can also be used by fire-fighters and industry workers.

Heat transmission efficiency of garment is quite commendable and it also allows the person to maintain proper temperature which is comfortable for the wearer of the suit. Tubes carrying heat transfer liquid, partitions the outer and inner layer of the garment. The outer layer is made up of polymeric fabric net and inner layer is polymeric fabric tricot which is in contact with the skin of the wearer. The heat transfer fluid is water; wherein cooling is achieved by circulating chilled water and heating is achieved by circulating hot water. The tubes are arranged without any overlap and do a good work in removing the heat from the suit. ISRO is currently working on a project named “Gaganyaan” which will send three astronauts in outer space. The patented technology will prove useful for the upcoming project.

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